Sviatoslav as I remember himSVIATOSLAV 

La force tranquille ...

It would be little to say that I was shocked when learning about the sudden demise of Sviatoslav Lukianenko ...
On this very sad opportunity, and since I cannot be physically present to tell him goodbye this coming Thursday, I wanted to hereby tell all of you I share your rief and your sorrows.
Sviatoslav was for me the model elder brother, since the time we first met in September 1977 -we both were new to Geneva. He had joined the secretariat of the International Social Security Association a few months before, and we shared the same office for more than three years.
His presence, his smile, his simplicity, his extreme kindness and friendliness, coupled with a remarkable sense of duty, a natural, unquestionable authority and an impressing level of profesionalism made it so, that I admired and respected him as I seldom admired and respected anyone.
And I dare to add that we were real friends. Not colleagues, not only colleagues. Throughout the years, and despite our diverging paths, links remained, until we luckily happened to again meet and work together on a more regular basis, that time in Moscow.
I leave it to others, more competent and knowledgeable in this area, to evoke the exemplary professional career of Mr. Lukianenko. As for me, I wanted just to tel you I just lost someone I loved, someone I mourn. I miss him so very much - and my thoughts go to Nadia, as do the feelings of sadness and disbelief Monique asked me to also convey on her behalf.
Sviatoslav will remain, for ever and for all times, this kind, smiling giant to whom I owe so much as a person.

7 March 2006

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